Undertale Enchanted (HD Remake)

Can you believe that there is a magical monster kingdom lurking just a few inches away from our sight? The main hero of this game, a little boy named Fisk, suddenly found an entrance to it in the basement of his own house. Now he has to find a way out, but not before he explores this whole fantastic land and experiences unforgettable adventures!

A fairy tale with several endings!

Right from your first steps in this amazing world, you will fall in love with the story and characters. Every monsters in this land has his or her own character, beliefs and background. Depending on your actions and choices, their attitude towards you can be different which opens up several possible endings for the game. Prepare to solve puzzles, fight and make friends and travel around this incredible and fascinating monster kingdom to discover your own unique and heroic (or villain) role in its history! And remember that your decisions matter!

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