Cuphead Threatenin Zeppelin

As you know from previous Cuphead games, the famous brothers with mugs instead of their heads just can make it through the day without another adventure. And this game offers an interesting take on the usual arcade gameplay we’re used to. Here you won’t have to run and jump, but fly and shoot instead!

Fly through the levels at shoot Zelda down!

Here the old enemy of the Cuphead brothers, Zelda will turn into a zeppelin and will pursue you across a variety of levels. Your goal is to shoot her down controlling your own plane. There are four buttons to move in different directions and one button to shoot. There is also an energy scale – when it’s full, you can drop a special kind of bomb. At the same time, you have to dodge Zelda’s shots and various obstacles located on the level. Be careful, if you fly into something, your plane can end up badly damaged! Start playing right now and see how much of a pilot you are!

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