Bit Life Simulator

Life is really one of the greatest conundrums in, well, life. It seems so self-explanatory and omnipresent that you barely give a thought to how it’s actually designed. We often live our lives kind of automatically, just going with the tide. Day passes after day, they build into weeks and months. And in a little while you look back as if with surprise realizing that half of your life is already over. And you’re not always happy with how you lived it.

Live a full virtual life!

What if we could keep in mind the vital importance of time, the precious weight of decisions we make and the fact that we can’t turn anything back? Perhaps we would be a little more cautious, wise and responsible with how we live! This game offers you a chance to understand that and live a life you’re always dreamed of, even not once!

Bit Life Simulator starts with your character being a small child. Like all people, he (or she) needs to grow up, go to school and bring home only good grades. Or not – each decision you make affect the further course of your virtual life and will lead to various consequences. Depending on them, it can turn in any direction. And while your hero may end up growing into an exemplary husband and father with a brilliant career and a great house, he may just as well become a criminal living in squalid conditions and being hunted by the police. Luckily, things can be changed in this game before it’s too late!

Your choices matter!

You will accompany your character every step of his eventful path, even though so short in terms of the real time flow. You will witness him or her grow up and mature, you will help them choose a collect and then a job. You may decide to have a big family or stay single. You can pick any hobby and activity. Everything counts and even the smallest choice can change it all! Play Bit Life Simulator wisely and make sure the decisions you make lead your hero to success, no matter how you imagine it!

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