Cuphead DLC

When you have a free evening and you want to spend it in a light and fun way – for instance, playing some great video game – the problem is always to choose the right one. If you’re not in the mood to wrap your head around complicated rules and get involved in some serious hero upgrades or plot twists, Cuphead DLC seems like a perfect choice for you. Here you can enjoy the raw essence of a retro-style platformer filled with powerful bosses and tricky obstacles and triumph after finishing another, particularly challenging level with the highest score possible! So, let’s go?

Lots of action non-stop!

Cuphead won’t give you a hard time as you get used to the controls and figure out what to do here. It’s enough to spend just a few minutes in the game to get the hang of its mechanics. It’s a classic 2D side-scrolling platformer where you have to run, jump and duck shooting in all directions because you’ll be surrounded and attacked by enemies all the time. There is always a quick side dash to dodge attacks and a supershot function allowing you to deliver maximum damage (but of course you won’t be able to use it all the time).

Besides, there is a way to block your enemy’s blows – for instance, if there is a missile flying after you or a certain type of an opponent, you can jump on it or him and absorb the hit by repeatedly pressing the jump button. That will also refill your supershot meter. Oh, and when passing the game in cooperative mode, you can also revive your dead comrade by jumping on his soul flying up into the skies. Remember that you have only three lives! So use them wisely!

Stylish art style and amazing atmosphere!

You can talk a lot about the gameplay features of Cuphead, but what makes it particularly great is the style. This game is a real work of art. It’s like you actually got into the early Mickie Mouse or Tom and Jerry cartoons. There are intentional effects and the music seems to be with a little bit of crackling as if the quality of the record is not good enough because it’s too old. So are you ready to plunge into the fascinating adventures of the charming cup-headed hero who is sometimes helped by his similar-looking brother? You can join this amazing world right now playing Cuphead DLC online and having fun!

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