At the beginning, you’ll see a short clip explaining why the funny-looking main character who has a cup instead of his head is so hellbent on killing everyone around. The human-like inhabitants of the virtual island where the action takes place only look nice and sweet. Under their cute disguise, they are crazy about gambling and aren’t particularly responsible when it comes to returning their debts. On the other hands, they can literally murder for their own winnings. So living here is not a piece of cake. You must always be ready for a setup. No wonder Cuphead is so angry! Time to set out on his fascinating adventures and help him get through all the troubles!

Run and fight cartoon-style!

Fans of retro style will be thrilled with old-school hand-drawn graphics inspired by cartoons that used to be popular back in the 30s. Just don’t be enchanted by this cute world where characters can instantly turn into surreal bastards! That makes Cuphead much more than a game – it’s more like an animated movie where you can actually control the main hero. Especially given the usage of the black-and-while filter!

And while the art style surely deserves your attention, so does the gameplay. You wold expect it to be a typical platformer, but it’s suddenly filled with a large number of boss fights that are implemented both spectacularly and skillfully in terms of mechanics. Of course, there are a few fragments of the level where you just run, jump and do the usual bonus collecting routine. But it mostly serves as the means to earn some money necessary for the desired upgrades and weapons.

A lot of epic levels and battles!

The combats are the main feature of the game. There are almost twenty (if not thirty) battles that are as different from each other as possible. Besides, each of the opponents comes in several possible options that sometimes make you scratch your brain and wonder about your tactics. Aside from good reflexes and ability to adapt to the changing circumstances, you also need to learn the behavior of each boss from inside out. If you keep trying to just fling it, you’ll be dying over and over again – the game doesn’t forgive inattentiveness.

Once you become Cuphead-savvy enough, you’ll be able to fly through the game without dying even a single time. However, that will require you to play it quite a lot! There are dozens of gameplay hours waiting for you! So why don’t you start practicing right now?

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