FNAF Cuphead

We always get thrilled by mixes of popular games, especially if we have played them both and enjoy them equally. This time you can check out another project of the sort, FNAF Cuphead! So what’s the point of the gameplay and how can these two games be merged into one? Let’s find out!

Freddy and Cuphead meet in one game!

As you remember, FNAF is a legendary horror game where you receive a job of a night guard at a local pizza house. Everything seems nice and hassle-free at first – until you find out that the toys in the windows come to life after it gets dark and start hunting everyone who is inside the building. In this case, you. Your goal is to survive until dawn fending off Freddy (the golden-furred bear who is the leader of the animatronic gang) and his friends. All of them have different patterns of behavior, and you should explore them to succeed. In the original version, you can control electric doors and watch the monsters through security cameras. Later, there are also certain weapons added like a flashlight to scare them away or even a shocker.

Cuphead, on the other hand, is a classic platformer where you need to jump and run through levels and fight bosses gathering bonuses and striving for the highest score. These two franchises have now been combined into one, and in this game you will see exactly how it is possible! Start playing right now and prepare to get surprised!

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