People Playground

Do you enjoy games where you have to destroy elements of the environment, characters and whole maps? Then you will surely appreciate People Playground! In this unusual sandbox, you can stage your own scene of destruction using various tools and weapons available in the menu. There are lots of them waiting for you, and despite simple pixel graphics, the whole process is incredibly creative and absorbing!

A sandbox dedicated to destruction!

People Playground starts with a blank screen. But it’s just a location where you will gradually add one object after another. When everything is done, you can set them to interact and see what happens! The options are multiple and everything depends only on your imagination. For instance, you can make two cars collide while also ramming them with a huge log hanging from chains. Or you can electrocute your character from special lasers that can be installed anywhere on the map. You can even stage a fight between two characters and choose weapons they are going to use in the process. And if you think a katana doesn’t fare against a gun, you can be very surprised to see the outcome!

Broad possibilities, fascinating gameplay!

There is nothing extra about the gameplay that can distract you from the main essence on the game. All objects look very simple and won’t cause any questions as to what it is or how it should be used. Just start playing and you’ll figure out everything intuitively! You don’t need to participate in what’s happening on the screen directly – you’re just a producer, everything is going to unfold on its own. All you’re left to do is just sit back and enjoy the show!

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