Summertime Saga 2

Games about teenagers and schoolers remain steadily popular. After all, they allow us to immerse ourselves back in the times when we were still young and careless. The world seemed such a big and open place full of possibilities and fun back then! You can feel all that once more playing Summertime Saga 2!

Become a high school teenagers and have fun!

The main hero of the game is a young guy who goes to school. Right now he is on summer holidays, and it’s up to you to make them unforgettable! There are plenty of opportunities for that in the city. You can go anywhere and do anything – the map is free to explore. Just choose a location and check it out! Each of them has specific activities that you can try there and you can also meet various characters that can become your friends or enemies. Perhaps you’ll even start dating someone, who knows!

Choose how to spend your summer holidays!

It’s up to you what to do and how to spend your time in Summertime Saga 2. It’s an open world where you can make your own decisions and follow your own agenda, and the plot will develop accordingly. This is so different from all the games with a set storyline where you just need to follow a scenario already written for you! That won’t happen to you here. Prepare to spend this virtual summer of yours in a way that will make you remember it for a long time as if it actually happened to you for real. There are a lot of surprises and discoveries, incredible events and all sorts of other fascinating things waiting for you in Summertime Saga 2 online!

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