Five Nights At Fulp’s

Staying late in the office seems like not such a bad idea. It’s quiet and calm, there is no usual fuss and noise. You are all alone in front of your computer and can do whatever you want, be it working unhurriedly with no pressure from your always so nervous boss or simply chilling with a cup of hot coffee to keep you awake, playing games or watching videos. However, it all turned out to be not so cloudless for our hero…

Survive in the monster-ridden office for five nights!

Five Nights at Fulps is yet another survival horror game based on FNAF. Here you play the role of an office worker who has to stay alive until morning threatened by a bunch of evil creatures that are trying to kill him. You will have to use your ingenuity and various means of self-protection you can find around to get away from the blood-thirsty monsters. Stay focused and calm, don’t give in to panic and don’t let them catch you off guard! Good luck!

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