Prepare to get into one of those surreal dreams where you can’t figure out what is happening and try to find a way out to wake up! Backrooms is a strange yellow space with an endless number of doors that all lead to separate rooms having rather weird contents. Your task is to realize how to get out of here by solving puzzles waiting for you inside!

After walking in, you have to look carefully at everything that is there and come up with options of what you can do with it. The game won’t give you any clues, you have to understand everything on your own. It won’t always be easy – use your logic and intuition, try various ways of interacting with the objects located in the room and don’t stop until you stumble upon the right one.

There are different levels waiting for you in Backrooms. Sometimes you’ll be pressed for time and you will have to deal with all the riddles before it runs out. Sometimes there will be a scary creature roaming the corridors and you have to keep that in mind and beware of it. The game is very atmospheric and even a few minutes spent in it will surely provide you with a good deal of thrilling emotions! Start playing right now and enjoy the suspense!

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