Melon Playground

Most sandboxes are about building something. These are games where you can get creative and construct all kinds of things. However, now there is a new type of sandboxes that are meant not only for creation, but also for destruction. And Melon Playground is just the kind of a game! Here you can unleash your destructive impulses by delivering as much damage to mannequins as possible. And get points for it!

First build, then destroy!

But first you’ll have to come up with a scene that you are going to smash spectacularly. There are plenty of instruments you can use for that purpose in the game. Just go to the menu and you’ll see a long list of objects, weapons and characters that you can add to the map to create a foundation for the future massacre. And that’s not everything! You can also configure how all the things on the screen are going to interact with each other. It can look rather epic and sometimes even ridiculous. But that precisely why we even start to play games like this!

Experiment and have fun!

Melon Playground is a great way to spend a riveting time when you’re free and have nothing to do, as well as shake off stress that keeps accumulating in us every day. Although the models look rather primitive, the game is based on physics that can be called quite realistic – despite the fact that sometimes you can witness improbably situations here that are simply hilarious. You are free to experiment the way you like with all the elements available for adding to the map and there is always room for staging even more scenic destruction! You can perfect your skills at that achieving a better result every day or maybe just going crazy. Launch Melon Playground right now and you surely won’t want to leave in the nearest few hours, and that’s at least!

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