Cuphead Brothers In Arms

Have you already missed the adventures of smart Cuphead? The cute hero is back and invites you to have more fun in this new online game. This time, brave Cuphead is obsessed with a new idea – he wants to become strong and invincible. But he is puzzled about how to do it. Someone tells him to use his best qualities and defeat some bosses. If you remember all previous adventures of this personage, you know well how fearless he is. Cuphead was not scared even of the Devil, who forced him to meet and fight various opponents. But the hero did not give up and managed to master the strongest combat skills. So far, he could outperform everyone he met on his way. But will the protagonist succeed now when he will need to deal with three enemies at once? It is going to be a real challenge even for advanced players!

Will you defeat all the opponents?

Just look around – Cuphead is surrounded by several antagonists! And they look determined to defeat the hero this time! No wonder as the opponents are quite strong this time – these are the scariest creepypasta personages from other gaming projects. Each of them comes with a unique superpower. Will you be able to help Cuphead and avoid their attacks? It will be difficult to react in several directions at the same time, so you need your best agility skills to fend off your enemies. Start playing now to see whether you are smart enough to remain alive. Check it out for how long you will be able to hold out.

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