Cuphead And The Root Pack

This game will take you on a new adventure with Cuphead. Do you know this cute character? If you remember well, this funny-looking creature has a human body but no head! No matter how weird it may sound and look, you will see a cup instead of his head. But Cuphead is much smarter than you may suggest. However, once his curiosity played an evil joke on him. The guy went to casino and lost! Now he owes a huge sum of money to Devil, its owner. He has no other choice than to sign a risky agreement with his opponent and fight with numerous bosses to compensate for the lost money. So far, Cuphead was doing quite well – he managed to eliminate dozens of enemies with ease. But treacherous Devil has prepared a new trial for the hero.

Beat the Root Pack!

This time, Cuphead will have to confront the Root Pack boss! The evil potato will try to attack you with its roots. Once the root is rolling up to your character, make sure to press the right button for Cuphead to jump it over. Otherwise, the protagonist will be hit. Each missed root will take your life. And once you lose all your lives and health, the game will have to be restarted from the very beginning. Do not let poor Cuphead lose this battle. Help him make the appropriate moves and win. Now it depends only on your agility and fast reaction. You just need to hold out until the evil potato loses all its health. So do your best not to miss even a single hit. Good luck!

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