Cuphead Halloween

Have you missed the restless Cuphead brothers? They are about to set out on another thrilling adventure! This time the action will unfold in a Halloween settings and you’ll have to run through various spooky levels doing the usual stuff – jumping, dodging, collecting bonuses and fighting your enemies. The goal is the same – arrive at the finish line with a maximum number of points. Let’s get started!

Celebrate this Halloween together with Cuphead!

This version of Cuphead will fascinate you with all sorts of Halloween symbols that are scattered throughout the levels. You’ll get to see pumpkins, cemetery crosses, ghosts, zombies and everything else associated with this creepy holiday. Playing this special edition is a great way to celebrate Halloween this year and enjoy the holiday atmosphere to make it last a little bit longer. At least, until you pass all the levels. Do you think you can do it?

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