Cuphead 2

Do you remember the times when platformers used to be 8-bit and primitive? The golden epoch of Sonic and Mario is still in the hearts of old-school fans, so games like Cupcake will never get old! If you love passing levels, getting through obstacles and fighting various enemies – you’ve come to the right place! Cuphead 2 is not just retro-looking, but also fascinating in terms of gameplay. So, shall we begin?

More than just a platformer!

The concept is rather typical for platformers – you have to pass levels filled with obstacles and monsters collecting powerups and coins that eventually allow you to upgrade your hero. The main character is a charming anthropomorphic creature whose only difference from a full-fledged human is a cup with eyes and a cunning smile that replaces his head. Why so? Don’t ask. That remains a mystery. The rest of the characters (or rather enemies) you are going to meet here look just as strange and surreal. Actually, it’s fighting them that makes the gameplay of Cuphead so unusual.

The combats may evolve according to different scenarios. That’s due to the fact that dashes combine several attack types that replace each other in a random order. It both diversifies the gameplay and makes it a little bit absurd. You can never predict when your opponent is going to literally shower you with fire leaving next to none room for any maneuvers and when he acts downright stupidly as if not noticing you at all. Anyway, that’s one of the things that makes the game so much fun.

Always a higher score to reach!

After you cope with the level, you receive a rating that consists of the time spent on passing it, the damage you received and other parameters. A great motivator for perfectionists to keep replaying the same level until reaching the highest result possible! And when you’re done passing the game on the basic level of difficulty, it increases and everything starts all over again. It should also be noted that the second part of Cuphead has became much more streamlined in terms of graphics and animation. So even if you know the first part like the back of your hand, you will definitely find it enjoyable to try this one too. Start playing Cuphead 2 right now and have a blast participating in the adventures of this strange-looking and reckless guy!

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