Cuphead And Mugman

The world of old video games is full of incredible duos. It’s enough to recollect the famous Mario brothers! They are probably the most widely-known, but there are other siblings from the gaming world that are worth your attention. For example, Cuphead and Mugman! They both have a distinctive feature of their appearance – cups with faces that replace their heads. And surely that makes them memorable, at least simply because of it! In this game you have a chance to enjoy a riveting platforming experience together with your friend!

All best platforming traditions!

In the classic version of the arcade, you play for Cuphead alone. Here you can double your chances of passing the level by introducing another hero. It’s a great option to play with your friend: one of you will be controlling Cuphead, the other – Mugman. Just like in the good old days when everyone used to gather at home and kill their joysticks in front of a Sega!

To pass this game, you’ll have to demonstrate some extraordinary reflexes and agility. Dodging the obstacles and jumping over abysses is just one part of the gameplay. It’s much more difficult to fight all the monsters that you will meet on your way. But on the other hand, it’s such a great feeling when you finally cope with a particularly daring level and can move ahead to new ones! Besides, the game has a pretty interesting fighting system which is rather intricate for a typical platformer. In fact, it’s more about fights than overcoming obstacles!

It’s easier together!

But the most interesting part is of course the ability to play together. When you are backed up by your partner, it’s much easier to handle all the enemies. You can work out your own tactic that will do great for you considering the peculiar playing style of each team member. And you can jump on each other to get to the most hard-to-reach places hunting for coins and powerups! Find out what else you can do playing Cuphead and Mugman together online and see if you can end the level with a maximum amount of points scored!

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