Pizza Tower

Meet this charming guy – a famous pizza chef whose meals are known all over Italy and even the whole world. And now the most terrible thing happened – his recipes were stolen! He needs to get them back and he isn’t afraid to descend into mazes filled with creepy cheese monsters to do that. Are you with him? Then let’s hit the road!

All for the sake of pizza!

Your way will lie into a murky castle where there are all sorts of dangers and obstacles waiting for you. You will have to explore these creepy dungeons making your way through narrow halls, bouncing off walls to fight your enemies and collecting any useful stuff that you can pick up. Perhaps you’ll find some new amazing ingredients that you can add to your pizza as well. And you’ll also have a companion who will be helping you on your quest. Together with him, you’ll find passing of the multiple cheesy levels much easier. Let’s storm Pizza Tower and good luck!

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